Foushees' Story

Meet Claude & Carrie Foushee

When did you move into Spring Harbor? 2022

Favorite vacation spot:

Claude: Lake Tahoe and Montreal, Canada

Carrie: Being on a cruise ship to the Caribbean

Favorite flavor of ice cream:

Claude: Cherry Vanilla

Carrie: Bluebells/Vanilla

Type of music you listen to:

Claude: All

Carrie: Motown, Classical

Born in what city:

Claude: Newark, New Jersey

Carrie: Opelika, Alabama

What do you put in your coffee:

Claude: Don't drink coffee!

Carrie: Tea drinker: Honey & Milk

What was your first job:

Claude: Train Dispatcher

Carrie: Bursar at a community college

Your ideal way to spend the weekend:

Claude: Movies & Sightseeing

Carrie: Surrounded by family & friends

Do you have any pets? No pets

Tell us about your experience as a resident at Spring Harbor. What made this community stand out when you were making the decision to move into a senior living community?

Claude: Let me be clear, my wife told me we were moving here. However, I am so glad she did. My experiences have been exceptional with the different staff and residents.

Carrie: We found out about Spring Harbor by going online researching CCRC in Georgia. We chose the location because it placed us closer to my roots, Alabama, and family. After visiting Spring Harbor in 2019 we felt something very special, the location, staff and apartments stood out and we felt it could fit our needs.

What are your favorite things to do at Spring Harbor and around Columbus?

Claude: I have enjoy the various museums and the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning. I enjoy the chair volleyball on site. In addition, the grounds are scenic, and I enjoy the vista while walking.

Carrie: Meeting and talking with the staff and residents, not having to cook and enjoying the delicious meals, also, during my daily walks I enjoy the scenic views here at Spring Harbor.

Tell us about some stand-out staff members that make your experience at Spring Harbor better.

Claude: The staff has been phenomenal, especially Juanita, Shane and Tommy. Also, food services (Bistro & Main) have been phenomenal. Having a medical office on site is great as well.

Carrie: Juanita was the very first person we met. We spent a lot of time with her before and after making the move to Spring Harbor. The best way to describe her is "always there for us no matter what."

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