What our residents and families say about us.

Melinda leaves a testimonial for Spring Harbor

"My family member is a resident at your community, and I just wanted to let you know how helpful the folks have been in Spring Harbor's physical and occupational therapy group. I spoke with a Spring Harbor staff member on December 22nd to ask her how to go about helping my loved one to have an assessment and to help determine their ability to manage some basic activities. Sometimes it has been difficult for me to know if my family member’s issues were due to physical ability or simply motivation. I was able to get in touch with the occupational therapist that very same day! The OT visited with my family member and made a number of observations. She contacted maintenance to install grab bars in the bathroom/shower to help ensure safety and she emailed me detailed information on some assistive devices. I've taken immediate action to procure these items, and she will be following up for proper adjustment and use. Additionally, all of the CNAs and the RN on 3rd floor are very attentive to my family member’s daily activities and needs. I get a phone call from them (day or night) if there are any issues, and I'm thankful for their professionalism and genuine kindness when dealing with all of us. I really wanted you to know that the employees at Spring Harbor are so helpful and responsive in finding solutions to assist the residents. I am very grateful and appreciative of the quality of care that my loved one receives at Spring Harbor. Whether it is physical safety or COVID prevention, you and your staff are doing a wonderful job! I'm afraid we let the employee appreciation donation slip up this year, but if it isn't too late, a contribution will be forthcoming. I hope you and yours had a great Christmas, and have a safe and Happy New Year!"
– Melinda T.

"After 12 months of searching for the best place for my husband of almost 40 years, I decided on Spring Harbor's Lighthouse Point Special Care Center. The Spring Harbor team assisted and guided me through one of the most important decisions of my life, if not the most important decision of my life. They provided the extraordinary insight, compassion, and direction which led me to ultimately choose Spring Harbor as my husband's new home. While my husband is still relatively new at Spring Harbor, I have been very pleased, especially with the high quality of the Nursing staff, the individualized plans provided by the Rehabilitation Center, and the group-based activities. My husband enjoys the friendly atmosphere and the flavorful meals 3x a day. My advice to family members and caregivers seeking the best place for their loved one is that they reach out to Juanita to schedule an in-person tour of this wonderful facility."
– Joan M.

Sylvia leaves a testimonial for Spring Harbor

"I spent my “first night” as the guest of Spring Harbor last night. I had a delightful time during dinner, it was delicious and the servers were so kind and considerate of each of us and our needs. Thank you for your graciousness. The guest room was lovely furnished with all of the articles of need of individuals traveling from home. Thank you again for everything – I am committed to Spring Harbor and your area of work."
– Sylvia P.

Mike and Gail leave a testimonial for Spring Harbor

"For several years, Mike and I hosted a church community group in our home. This past Friday we had 5 members of our group join us for dinner in the Spring Harbor dining room. Two of the folks had lobster, and 3 had the filet. The food was delicious - someone actually made the comment that there was no better steak in Columbus. I also had the filet that evening and can tell you it was very flavorful and melted in my mouth. The side dishes were all very tasty and fresh. I had a sweet potato with my filet and it was definitely the best I've ever had. Seriously, it was cooked to perfection. Several members of our group had the butternut squash soup and were totally blown away with how delicious it was. I ordered a salad and Mike ordered the soup and we shared. We both thought the soup was very flavorful and tasted like a soup you would get in a 5 star restaurant.

The wait staff could not have been better.  We were seated quickly and the service was very courteous, friendly, and attentive. Our entire group was very impressed with the whole dining experience and also Spring Harbor in general (we took them on a tour after dinner). We love to show off our new home. Seriously, they were ALL blown away with how beautiful this place is and the amenities offered.

The night before (Thursday) we had the widow that lived next door to me for 20 years join us for dinner. She was also blown away with everything about this place. She very much enjoyed her dinner and had many wonderful things to say. She had the liver and onions and practically licked her plate clean.  

There is no doubt that all who dined with us on Thursday and Friday evening would love to be a part of the Spring Harbor community.
– Mike and Gail LaFramboise

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