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You’ve been in charge of your life all this time, and retirement shouldn’t change that! We understand that you’ve been planning for retirement for decades, so choosing where and how you want to spend it is not a decision to take lightly. That’s why, should you decide to join our welcoming community of indulgent opportunity, you won’t encounter a one-size-fits-all financial agreement. Everyone’s situation and outlook are a little different, which is why we believe you deserve the gift of financial flexibility. With various investment options for you to consider and determine how you would like to enter into vivacious living at Spring Harbor (and what that means for your estate), the choice is yours. Retirement may be a new chapter, but you’re still the boss!

Entrance & Monthly Fees

You pay a one-time entrance fee and monthly service fee to enjoy Spring Harbor's lifestyle and life care benefits. This initial fee entitles you to Spring Harbor's continuum of care at our Health Care Center should you ever need it in the future whether temporarily or permanently.

Declining Refund Plan:
You get a prorated refund of your paid entrance fee if you leave for any reason within the first 48 months at Spring Harbor. After this period, there is no refund, but no additional nursing care fees are charged even if you move to an on-site Care Center.

The 50 Percent Refundable Plan: If you terminate the agreement, your paid entrance fee will be refunded less one percent for each full calendar month from the date of occupancy to the effective date of termination and will never be less than half of your entrance fee paid. This plan also allows for you to draw down on the refund should you need to subsidize healthcare cost for a permanent stay.

The 90 Percent Refundable Plan: For this option, you'll pay a higher initial entrance fee. However, if you leave the community, you or your estate is refunded no less than 90 percent of that fee.

Should you need help with daily living or nursing care services, either short-term or long-term, the cost of such care in our Personal Care, Memory Support, and/or Nursing Care is included in the monthly service fee. The benefit alone could save thousands of dollars in long-term healthcare costs.

More Information

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