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I’m between 65 and 70. I’m still too young to even think about moving out of my home and into a retirement community, aren’t I?
I’ve hit retirement age, but I still haven’t retired. Am I eligible to move to Spring Harbor?
My retirement plans are going to take me places! If I plan to travel for a while yet, isn’t it better to wait and move in at a later time?
I can no longer handle the work and maintenance my home requires, but I don’t think I’m ready to give up hosting large get-togethers or family holidays in my home. Is there a solution for me?
What level(s) of healthcare needs is Spring Harbor equipped to handle?
What is a Continued Care Retirement Community, or CCRC?
How can I make sure I’m getting the best “bang for my buck” for my retirement living?
Spring Harbor sounds like a great place, but how can I know for certain that my loved one likes being there and is getting the best possible care?

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