Healthy, Happy Living

Live a little, or a lot! Whether you’re always on the go, or you prefer to remain relaxed, we’ve got big plans for you. As Baby Boomers continue to retire and put their own spin on this very important chapter of life, we’re seeing stationary activities like bridge and bingo begin to take a back seat to energetic endeavors like group fitness classes, strength training, and water aerobics. Get moving and grooving or go straight for the fun with a few rounds on our very own putting green!

Spring Harbor’s Wellness Program helps you achieve balance for both body and soul. Stay spiritually engaged through weekly devotions, holiday celebrations, and worship services for just about any religion. Get inspired and try an art class, perfect your woodworking skills, or pick up poker. Master technology at our iPad training, stimulate your mind at a lecture series, or socialize after book club. Our unrivaled range of wellness activities is so vast that there’s really no excuse not to try a few. Retirement is your time to shine. Deepen your devotions. Tackle your fitness goals and let your passions prevail. Whatever you do, don’t let that competitive streak fade!

On-site Therapy Options

Spring Harbor's Therapy Department offers Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy.


Spring Harbor offers secure video appointments, so residents can receive expert care wherever they are. Tara Cameron is our trained and certified Telehealth therapist. To learn more about this service or to schedule your Telehealth appointment, call us at 706-576-6032.

Meet Anna Moon

Our Wellness Director, Anna Moon, along with Spring Harbor's team of experienced health and wellness experts to guide you on your journey of lifelong vitality.

Visit Spring Harbor at Green Island

Schedule a time to tour our stunning community, meet our vibrant residents, and let us answer your important questions. Once you step into our world, you’ll understand why so many seniors happily call Spring Harbor home.