How Lighthouse Point Helps Memory Care Patients Continue Making Memories

Just because someone becomes forgetful some of the time doesn’t mean they’re done having fun and making memories for all of time. Whether the diagnosis is Alzheimer's, dementia, or nothing quite formal yet, Spring Harbor’s memory care support wing at Lighthouse Point makes it easy to keep living your best life and forget your worries.

For memory care patients, a little precaution goes a long way in terms of safety. From individualized care plans and round-the-clock staffing to emergency call services and 24-hour security, Lighthouse Point residents are in good hands at Spring Harbor.

Situated on the lower level, Lighthouse Point is a completely secure floor of safe—and luxe—apartment living. While it’s easy to forget where you left your glasses, does anyone ever really forget a fondness for first-class living in posh surroundings?

Lighthouse Point’s modern interiors give way to an enclosed courtyard which residents can roam freely, enjoying activities like birdwatching or chatting with friends in a sunny outdoor setting. With vibrant blooms flowering and butterflies fluttering through the courtyard, the beauty of nature shines at Lighthouse Point.

With all the same indulgent amenities Spring Harbor is known for, residents have no trouble keeping entertained. Many of the same opportunities all residents enjoy, like delectable dining, social activities, or visits to the salon or barber shop, are readily available to memory care patients, too.

In fact, Lighthouse Point is home to one of the newest, most innovative components of our community: the iN2L tablet system. Much more than a screen, iN2L stands for “it’s never too late” to represent the many memorable experiences it can help our memory support patients still have now. A complete game changer during the pandemic, it allows residents to enjoy larger than life video calls with up to eight loved ones at once all throughout the world. Similarly, the iN2L system encourages residents to easily send and receive messages to stay digitally connected to loved ones. Offering endless opportunities for both engagement and connection, iN2L is also a favorite for digital painting and virtual tours of cities that residents had always longed to visit.

It’s safe to say, there’s always something to enjoy and memories are waiting to be made at Lighthouse Point. With problems like remembering medication and mealtimes out of the way, residents can truly enjoy a blissful, engaged life. Meanwhile, their loved ones can sleep soundly knowing they are well cared for and safe.

No matter how much physical or cognitive care patients need, Spring Harbor’s carefully thought out community has a place for everyone. Learn more about all there is for you or your loved one at Lighthouse Point here.


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