Life Plan Community vs. Continuing Care Retirement Community

The Life Plan Community(LPC) and the Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) are often confused for two separate community types, but there’s no difference. The term “Life Plan Community” is a newer name specifically developed to replace the older term “CCRC.” The purpose was to refresh the idea of a retirement living —because older people are re-imagining retirement. Today’s vision is a more active, fulfilling, independent way of life — with the comfort and security of a safety net or plan in case they need it — hence the name, Life Plan.  

Do Life Plan and Continuing Care Retirement Communities provide the same services?

Not all retirement communities are changing their names — a CCRC, such as Spring Harbor at Green Island, offers the same continuum of services and amenities as a Life Plan Community. To be considered an LPC or a CCRC, a community has to include Independent Living,Personal Care, Skilled Nursing and Memory support — all in one location. These types of communities also provide a host of amenities that include utilities, maintenance, dining plans and housekeeping services along with an active lifestyle focus with social, recreational and life-long learning programs and opportunities. 

Both LPCs and CCRCs are re-imaging retirement with a focus is on “lifestyle.”  

As retirees continue to “re-imagine” how they approach their later years, both LPCs andCCRCs are responding by setting new standards to meet and exceed their expectations. At Spring Harbor at Green Island, the goal is to free up a person’s schedule, so they have more time with the grandkids, to travel those top destinations on the bucket list, or to be a beginner again and learn a new skill. The idea is to trade in the everyday chores and responsibilities of homeownership for a more fun, active and social retirement lifestyle. There are plenty of opportunities to expand and experience new and unexplored territory with a full range of events, outings, clubs and groups at most LPCs and CCRCs.

Creating your vision for in retirement living at an LPC or a CCRC. 

Aging isn’t optional — but your attitude and experience is. As your idea of retirement evolves and grows, know that both LPC and CCRC communities will continue to evolve to meet the changing needs with innovative and interesting solutions and ideas. And remember, it’s always your choice — at Spring Harbor there’s a perfect balance between privacy and community. You can be as involved as you want with a variety of health and wellness programs. Hit the links on our very own putting green, take up water aerobics, try an art class, or perfect your woodworking skills. With so many options for mind, body and soul, you can choose to be on the go or stay perfectly relaxed.

See for yourself what the CCRC lifestyle at Spring Harbor at Green Island looks like with a tour.  

So, whether a community calls itself a CCRC or an LPC, you can rest assured there will be multiple levels of care on site along with a host of services and amenities right on campus — and remember that only the name has changed. If you’re interested in learning what your future retirement could like at a CCRC like Spring Harbor at Green Island, schedule a tour. We’ll exceed your expectations with our beautiful 40-acre campus, contemporary first-class garden villas and inviting apartments. Meet some of your future neighbors, dine at the Bistro, and see for yourself what peace of mind and a worry-free lifestyle can look like at this exceptional community. Call us at 706-641-0424.


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