Pat's Story

Meet the Lovely Pat Harmann

When did you move into Spring Harbor? Five years ago

Favorite vacation spot: France

Favorite flavor of ice cream: Mocha Chocolate Chip

Type of music you listen to: Classical

Born in what city: St. Louis, MO

What do you put in your coffee: Hazelnut cream

What was your first job: Procter and Gamble in Market Research

Your ideal way to spend the weekend: A round of golf and a dinner out

Do you have any pets? Not anymore

Tell us about your experience as a resident at Spring Harbor. What made this community stand out when you were making the decision to move into a senior living community?

I moved to Columbus because my daughter and her family live here. I used to winter in Florida, but after my husband passed away my children didn’t want me to go down there alone. My son-in-law is a physician with many Spring Harbor residents as patients. He felt like I would love it here and he was absolutely right. I split time between Columbus and Cincinnati where I grew up, raised my family and where one of my sons lives.

What are your favorite things to do at Spring Harbor and around Columbus?

I really enjoy all the activities, but mostly Yoga, Chair Volleyball and the walks around Columbus on Monday and Friday mornings. I like to play bridge and line dancing. I also enjoy the restaurants in Columbus and St. Luke, my church.

Tell us about some stand-out staff members that make your experience at Spring Harbor better.

I really like Hannah Callaway, our yoga teacher. I think Sean and his staff do a great job with all the activities.

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