Richardson's Story

Meet Mr. Gib and Mrs. Freddie Richardson

When did you move into Spring Harbor? January 14, 2014

Favorite vacation spot: The Mountains

Favorite flavor of ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

Type of music you listen to: 50's Country and Spiritual

Born in what city: Gib - Richland, GA | Freddie - Gainesville, GA

What do you put in your coffee: French Vanilla cream

What was your first job: Gib - Daddy's Hardware Store | Freddie - Radio Station

Your ideal way to spend the weekend: Spend a weekend in a mountain cottage with all the scenes and fun things to do!

Do you have any pets? No

Tell us about your experience as a resident at Spring Harbor. What made this community stand out when you were making the decision to move into a senior living community?

Spring Harbor is a pretty place! Surroundings are well kept. As we visited and looked at the community, the residents and staff were welcoming. Facilities are clean, attractive, very nice and comfortable. We immediately noticed the multiple areas of medical help available in the community, a very important factor in our decision. We learned of numerous activities allowing us to develop new friendships and be involved in the community.

What are your favorite things to do at Spring Harbor and around Columbus?

Things to do are numerous. There are multiple kinds of programs: musical presentations, speeches, movie theatre, exercises, swimming and other physical activities and also trips to Columbus area activities.

Tell us about some stand-out staff members that make your experience at Spring Harbor better.

Staff is helpful, friendly and responsive. First meeting was with marketing staff who are the most welcoming, informative helpful group. They helped us find the place most appropriate to meet our needs. Resident Services provide limitless activities and opportunities for being involved with others. This includes transportation to many local events. All of this keeps all of us enjoying friendships here. Administrative Staff and Plant Management are friendly, knows each person (as does all other staff) and quick to encourage and be helpful. All of the staff is friendly, very helpful and willing to do what’s needed.

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