Self Care Tips for Seniors

September is Self-Care Awareness Month, and it serves as a valuable reminder to us all.There’s no better way to look after yourself than by living a healthier lifestyle. This means more than just eating healthy foods, getting enough rest, and exercising regularly, it’s about overall wellness — mind, body and spirit. AtSpring Harbor, our focus is on our residents, and you can see why.

Five very easy ways to look after yourself and feel great each day right here on campus:

1. Getting physical is fun.

Every day we offer fun group fitness classes, strength training and water aerobics. It’s easier to stay motivated and energized with friends. Channel your inner calm with a yoga group or stoke your competitive fire with a round of golf with the crew.There’s also volleyball, walking groups and local hiking trips. With such a bustling calendar of wellness events and local outings, it’s easy to do something active and be adventurous every single day if you choose.

2. Be proactive with your health.

With a little nudge, we remind you to consider those things you’ve been putting off. This taking-care-of-yourself mindset extends into scheduling appointments and taking preventive measures to help catch any small issues before they become bigger problems. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so make sure to schedule regular checkups. Take a proactive approach to your physical health and wellbeing with regular medical, eye and dental checkups. Spring Harbor has a five-star health facility, so we can help with both routine care and/or unexpected ailments.

3. Get outside for relaxation. 

Explore Spring Harbor’s beautiful 40-acre campus with regular nature breaks. Get outside inSeptember and October, and make a habit of walking in the woods or strolling by the water all year round if you can. Birds are migrating and autumn colors are filling in now, so enjoy the changing scenery and cooler temps during early Fall. Fresh air and nature provide positive health benefits for your mind, body and spirit. Even if you can’t get outside, just looking at nature calms nerves and relieves mental fatigue.

4. Get with the program for wellness.

Our wellness programs provide diverse experiences to help you achieve balance for body and soul. Stay spiritually engaged with weekly devotions, holiday celebrations, and worship services for just about any religion. Everyone is welcome. If meditation brings you peace, get involved with a group of likeminded others. Art and hobbies are part of total wellbeing, so let your inner artist play with art classes, a woodworking studio and other creative pursuits right here on campus. Retirement is your time to shine.

5. It’s easy to eat right at Spring Harbor.

Cooking can be fun, but residents enjoy Spring Harbor’s delicious and nutritious menus even more. Our chefs steer clear of preservatives to create seasonal dishes from scratch with healthy ingredients. Fan favorites like chicken, salmon, filet, and burgers are always available and daily specials to highlight fresh and local ingredients. Choose a quick, mouthwatering meal a tour upstairs Bistro overlooking the outdoor putting green or visit the main dining room for a more formal affair. Socialize at our Sunday brunch buffet in the Event Center, or pick up a take away to recharge in your own space. The choice is yours.

It’s easier to live here and take advantage of all the ways to look after yourself. Call us at (706) 641-0424 to explore the unrivaled array of amenities and activities available at Spring Harbor.


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