Six Excellent Exercises for Seniors This Spring

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, exercise really is medicine. At Spring Harbor retirement community in Columbus, GA, we've had the privilege of witnessing the transformative effects of physical activity on the lives of our community members. Below, we'll share some of the best exercises for seniors to enjoy in our community and the surrounding area.

1. Recreation and Exercise Programs
Joining our senior living community in Columbus, GA, is the ideal opportunity to try something new and invigorating. Our wellness team operates a vibrant schedule of exercise activities to meet the varying needs of our community members, so you should have no problem finding an option to suit your goals and health requirements.

Our Group fitness classes, led by our Wellness Coordinator Anna Moon, are designed for older adults and are ideal for maintaining a healthy body weight and reaping the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. According to the CDC, even moderate regular physical activity can help reduce the risk of falls, mental health problems, and certain age-related health conditions while improving the symptoms of pre-existing illnesses, such as arthritis and hypertension. Even better, the social, supportive environment of our fitness classes can give you the motivation you need to maintain healthy exercise habits.

Many of our residents benefit from our specialized strength training programs. While losing some muscle mass is natural as we age, regular strength training can help counteract muscle loss while enhancing mobility and reducing the risk of falls and functional impairments.

Most older adults can participate safely in our exercise programs, but taking things at a pace and intensity that works for you is essential. Our healthcare team and dedicated on-site physician, Dr. Jamal, can help you choose the right program for your unique needs.

2. Golf
At Spring Harbor, you can enjoy the benefits of golf on our community's very own putting green in beautiful surroundings, but to really get the health benefits of walking golf, you can check out some of the courses nearby. Heading into the great outdoors for a round of golf is an excellent way to nourish your social well-being, but recent science proves it's also an ideal exercise for older adults. Researchers at the University of Eastern Finland discovered that walking golf yielded significant health benefits, from reduced blood pressure to improved metabolism in people aged 65 or older.

Golf is a low-intensity exercise, making it an accessible option if you prefer taking things at a slower pace. However, its benefits rival and may even surpass those of more high-energy activities. In fact, the Finnish study revealed that playing golf provides greater metabolic and blood lipid impacts than regular walking and even Nordic walking — an intense, full-body activity involving walking with poles.

3. Swimming
Swimming is great for people of all ages, however, it can be particularly beneficial for older adults because aquatic exercise can decrease the risk of developing age-related disabilities and may improve joint function in people with arthritis. For women, regular swimming can reduce or reverse bone density loss associated with the menopause.

Many older adults find swimming an easier way to stay fit because exercising in water decreases fatigue and joint pain. Swimming little and often is enough to experience the benefits. Break it down into smaller chunks to make it more manageable. At Spring Harbor, you can enjoy our community pool for water-based fitness on your doorstep.

4. Aqua Aerobics
Love the idea of joining a group fitness class but worried about the potential effects on sore or arthritic joints? Our water aerobics classes could provide the ideal solution. These sessions offer similar benefits to cardio workouts on dry land while reducing the impact on your joints.

Aqua aerobics offers seniors a broad range of benefits. For example, a study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science discovered that older adults participating in water aerobics activities improved their walking patterns, leg strength, and balance, reducing their risk of falls. The participants also experienced notable reductions in body fat, making aqua aerobics a great choice to reduce your risk of health complications if you're overweight.

5. Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is an excellent tool for helping older adults regain their functional abilities after an accident or fall. It can also be useful for treating the symptoms of conditions such as arthritis. However, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) notes that physical therapy can also benefit seniors before experiencing an injury or developing health problems by improving flexibility, strength, and balance.

The primary advantage of working with a physical therapist is that these skilled professionals can develop a personalized exercise plan to help address your unique health needs. For example, a PT can prescribe tailored exercises to improve strength and mobility in weak joints or identify and treat balance issues.

Spring Harbor community members can access expert, personalized physical therapy services on-site to help them enjoy their vibrant lifestyles to the fullest, as you can see from our testimonials. We take pride in assisting residents with the wellness support they need to maintain their independence.

6. Walking
Walking as an excellent, low-impact exercise for seniors. Developing a regular walking habit offers many benefits, from improved mental health and longevity to a reduced risk of dementia, stroke, and heart disease.

Fortunately, Spring Harbor's favorable position in Columbus, GA, boasts plenty of idyllic walking locations for active seniors. For example, you can explore the nearby Chattahoochee Riverwalk for unparalleled riverside views and access to exciting attractions, including the National Civil War Naval Museum. For those who are looking for some fresh air and easy walks, the community has walking paths interwoven throughout the campus with scenic landscaping.

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