When's Best Time to Move to a Senior Retirement Community?

According to, people choose to move during the spring because of the availability of movers and supplies at that time, but the most important question to consider is much more personal. We all know that moving prices are more competitive before the “rush” of summer, but that’s not really a deal-breaker when choosing to move to a retirement community.

What is the benefit of living in a retirement community?

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) like Spring Harbor at Green Island, are a type of retirement community that provides residents with a full spectrum of lifestyle and health care options. Housing options range from independent living to assisted living and skilled nursing care to memory support— so everything you need (for both now and in the future) is all on one campus. Many communities offer amenities, activities, and a calendar of social events and outings. Quite often, your only challenge will be deciding what adventure to take on first. There are so many benefits for those who choose this lifestyle — from a focus on overall wellbeing, to security and safety, to opportunities to connect with others every day.

What’s the best age to move into Independent Living?

Moving to a senior retirement community used to be based on needs or due to a health crisis or forced issue — but not anymore. These days active older adults ages 65+ are making the move to senior living communities as a lifestyle choice. Places like Spring Harbor provide a wide range of housing options, social activities and services for current and future needs. Many people say it just makes sense to choose a community and move when they’re younger. That way they can enjoy decades of maintenance-free, worry-free retirement living and take advantage of all the top-notch services, high-quality amenities and exciting opportunities right now — while having a plan in place for the future.

Questions to ask before moving to a retirement community

When considering retirement communities, most of your questions should be centered on your personal preferences, personal needs and financial situation. How much space do you really need—ask about the homes, apartments, condos or townhouses. Make sure to research and ask questions about ownership, monthly fees, and/or membership fees. And of course, schedule a tour. Nothing beats a personal stroll around the campus, in-depth conversations with a few residents, or a communal meal in the dining facility.

Moving to a retirement community

Moving is change, and change is tough for some people. Focus on the fact that you’re choosing the low-maintenance, worry-free lifestyle of your dreams. With this new lifestyle, you’ll have more time to spend with loved ones, to check off bucket list adventures, to take advantage of new opportunities and to tackle new goals. You’re lightening your load both mentally and physically.

The decision to move to a retirement community means that you’ll more than likely need to consider downsizing to a smaller space. Consider how much time you’ll need to sort, downsize, pack and unpack. Ask the community if they offer moving assistance, and by all means don’t hesitate to ask for help from friends and family. Start small with a half hour per day and set deadlines. Keep a notebook handy and start a smart file with important documents. Give your children and relatives the things you’ve been saving for them all these years — and make it fun. Pour a glass of wine, toast to the good things and reminisce while you look forward to new adventures.

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