You Can’t Put a Price on Peace of Mind

It’s only natural to worry about your loved ones—especially when you can’t be nearby.

Are they safe? Are they eating well? Did they remember to take their medication? How’s their overall health? What if something unexpected occurs? Who will be there to help?

Whether due to geographic distance, demanding careers, or their own household obligations, this worrisome spiral is a daily reality for many adult children that are unable to check in on their parents. Unfortunately, those good intentions of monitoring loved ones’ safety, health, and quality of life from afar only accomplish so much before requiring action. Phone calls are great, but they don’t allow you to drive your parent to the doctor, share a good meal, or ensure their environment is secure.


At Spring Harbor, these are our reasons for being. We exist to provide a healthy, happy, and safe environment for our residents. We know firsthand the immense love and dedication it takes to take care for others and the trust that is placed in us to do so. That is precisely why we strive to continually go above and beyond, treating every single member of our community as one of our own family members. We don’t look for staff that is simply capable of performing the minimum functions of their jobs—we hire employees that execute their work while also taking the time to get to know our remarkable retirees. As our Director of Nursing, Cindy Walker, puts it, “If your heart’s not in it, you’re not going to make it here. Working at Spring Harbor is more than a job. We need to take time to listen and care for residents the same way we would for a close relative.”

Safety and Security

In terms of physical safety precautions, each residence in our community is outfitted with pull cords for residents to receive immediate assistance. Both living spaces and common areas feature handrails and softer, non-slip flooring—just in case.

Spring Harbor residents also wear lanyard-style medical alert buttons to be used for emergencies, as well as help us account for every precious person that resides here. These devices, in conjunction our unique security system, allow Spring Harbor staff to ensure all residents are safely located within the premises of our secure gated community. Likewise, this monitoring system notifies Spring Harbor staff when a resident’s device battery is low and needs to be replaced.


Spring Harbor’s full continuum of care ranges from independent residences and personal care to memory support and licensed skilled nursing. With so many capabilities all on one campus, it’s safe to say we have just about everything in terms of daily health, dietary, and assistance needs covered. Or, in the case of an unexpected event like a sprain (you’ll understand when you meet our lifelong athletes!), residents have all the nursing resources needed to rehabilitate quickly.

Medical appointments are a breeze, too. Our onsite physician, Dr. Jamal, has decades of experience in geriatric medicine and is quite a fan favorite in our neck of the woods. In fact, our five-star Healthcare Center is so committed to residents’ health and quality of life that it’s not uncommon to see members of our community make progress, while their loved ones outside the community gain complete peace of mind.

All in all, our commitment is to provide high-quality retirement living and promote a vibrant independent lifestyle while meeting and exceeding the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our residents. Our safe, healthy, and happy environment offers peace of mind not only for our residents, but their families, too.


Visit Spring Harbor at Green Island

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