CSU Art Lecture Series

Representation & Napoleon Bonaparte

Lecture by Dr. Matthew Jarvis
Art History Lecturer | CSU Department of Art

Thursday, March 7 | 4:00 pm
Spring Harbor Event Center

Dr. Jarvis will discuss the fascinating life and rise to power of the infamous French general and emperor, Napoléon Bonaparte. With the anticipation surrounding Ridley Scott’s upcoming film “Napoleon,” interest in this historical figure has surged over the past year.

Dr. Matthew Jarvis

Art Lecturer
CSU Department of Art

At the peak of The Terror during the French Revolution in 1793, Napoléon Bonaparte was a mere lieutenant-colonel in the French army, specializing in cannoneering. Over the next twenty-five years, he would ascend to heights unparalleled in Europe since the era of Charlemagne. But how did this young man from Corsica ascend to such extraordinary power and ultimately become Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte? 

This captivating lecture will take you on a journey through the life of Napoléon, using art created by the foremost painters of the long 19th century. The art discussed in this presentation is likely to have been a source of inspiration for the filmmakers of “Napoleon”(2023) as they recreate many of the iconic moments from Napoléon’s life on the silver screen.