Covid-19 Updates — 06/19/21

Our team is empowered and rejuvenated by the gifts this new year has to bring. On January 7, we began the vaccination process with 1st doses to our team leaders. We are grateful to the dedicated team of CVS professionals who made sure our healthcare staff and essential employees received the covid vaccination to keep us safe and ensure a safe environment for our residents. We are very grateful to each of you!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue along the vaccination journey over the upcoming weeks.

Here are a few safety tips from our on-site Physician, Dr. Jamal:

• Everyone has to do their part and get vaccinated to get back to a normal life. The vaccines currently are 2 doses, 3-4 weeks apart. Protection occurs 1-2 weeks after the second dose so its important to get both doses.

Just like layering protects you from the cold, double masking will help trap the virus particles thereby reducing the risk to yourself and others around you. So double up for now to prevent the more virulent strain from spreading.